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Performance Porting

History and Background

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Welcome to Performance Porting.
I am here to give you a little insight on a subject some think of as black magic. It is quite the opposite, there is alot of math and science involved in selecting the correct port shape,size and wall finish to support what your particular engine wants and needs to work at peak performance.
Performance and racing has been in my blood from a young age, growing up around most of the northeastern tracks in all types of racing and sanctioning bodies. 


On this page I'll discuss a little about myself and my background with racing and cylinder head and intake porting to achieve peak performance.


I have been an avid racecar enthusiast and horsepower junky ,since my young years as a kid going to the races with my father and growing up around his garage.

My Passion
This car is one of the reasons why i enjoy porting heads to find the most out of cylinder heads

My Background

I have grown up around garages and myself working as a mechanic for years . I have worked in an auto machine shop as well, im not saying i know it all cause none of us do, but i enjoy learning everyday about this passion of performance and speed we all have running through our bodies. I am starting off slow cause if you know the cost of all the machinery you need for engine building and blue printing a million dollars is just a drop in the bucket. I am slowly getting there and close to getting more machines, but until then i do have alot of friends in the business that are always willing to help me out or they will do the work for me at there shops.

Send me an email if your interested in having some work done to your cylinder heads, intake or stealthy factory exhaust manifolds.